Photovoltaic solar energy


Photovoltaic solar energy is one more of the various electricity generation options currently existing in the world.

Photovoltaic solar energy is called electricity generated directly in a device called solar cell, from the solar radiation that falls on it. The process of transforming light into electricity, called “photovoltaic effect”, is produced thanks to the properties of semiconductor materials. In them a certain voltage can be generated, depending on the material used, by interaction of the energy of the particles of incident light with electrons of said receptor material. If an electrical load is connected to the device, an electric current can be extracted.

You can differentiate two large types of systems, which depend on their applications will use one or the other. Getting:

  • Isolated applications of the network
  • Applications connected to the network

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Qué es la energía solar fotovoltáica?

Se denomina energía solar fotovoltaica a la energía eléctrica generada directamente en un dispositivo llamado célula solar, a partir de la radiación solar que incide sobre él.

¿Para qué se usa?

La variedad de aplicaciones eléctricas que pueden ser suministradas por dispositivos fotovoltaicos es bastante amplia. Entre las que cabe destacar:

– Centrales FV

– Huertas Solares

– Edificios fotovoltaicos

– Señalización, alumbrado, telecomunicaciones

¿Es respetuosa con el medio ambiente?

Fuente de energía limpia, eficiente y respetuosa con el medio ambiente, que contribuye a reducir las emisiones de CO2.

¿De qué se compone un sistema solar fotovoltáico?

Existen dos tipos de instalaciones:

  • Instalaciones Fotovoltaicas en conexión a red
    • Generador fotovoltaico
    • Estructuras soporte
    • Seguidores solares
    • Inversor
  • Instalaciones Fotovoltaicas autónomas
    • Generador fotovoltaico
    • Estructura soporte
    • Acumulador de energía
    • Controlador de carga
    • Inversor


  • It uses a universal energy resource, freely available and inexhaustible.
  • The photovoltaic transformation is non-polluting and doesn´t generate waste.
  • It allows electricity generation close to consumption, with the reduction of losses and the cost of transport lines.
  • It is modular, allows a wide range of powers, suitable for a wide variety of applications and places, including areas of difficult access and low concentration of population, where other technologies have no option.


  • It´s a dispersed energy source, of low intensity (up to just over 1,000 W / m2).
  • It´s a variable and random source, therefore, difficult to predict.
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