Sanitation and plumbing installations

ISSOS provides services on all the activities of water evacuation and water supply for housing. We offer solutions that include the entire Integral Water Cycle: Pumping, Distribution, Treatment and Consumption.

We carry out all types of plumbing installations, water treatments, water distribution networks and interior installations in single-family homes, flats and developments. Public and private installations, as well as hospitality and commercial areas.

We are specialists in: water connections, pressure groups, filtration, purification treatments, osmosis, etc.

Types of sanitation installation

Water to be evacuated in buildings can be classified into two groups:

  • Rainwater network
  • Wastewater network (used and fecal)

According to their typology they can be classified into:

  • Unitary: rainwater and sewage are poured into the same evacuation network.
  • Mixed: it´s a system that has different downspouts for rainwater and wastewater, although both networks will converge in a single collector, or in two independent collectors that will connect to each other.
  • Separative: it´s a system that maintains two different networks; one for rainwater and one for wastewater, both for downpipes and for collectors and connections to the sanitation network. It is the most advisable system and obviously the forced fulfillment in new construction buildings.

Types of water supply installation

The general water supply network to buildings will be adapted by its general distribution system to the characteristics of the use of the property and the collective user thereof, and should consider as main guidelines:

  • Availability of supply
  • Guarantees for possible interruptions of the same

Depending on these two variables, one of the possible supply systems should be considered:

  • General branched supply
  • General supply in ring

Structure of the installation

According to the DB HS 5 of the CTE, a facility for the evacuation of wastewater and rainwater should be composed, at least, of the following elements:

  • Hydraulic closures siphons
  • Interior or small evacuation pipelines
  • Downspouts and gutters
  • Collectors
  • Special elements, such as: forced pumping system, vents, total oxidation treatment plants, septic tanks, etc.

Structure of the installation

According to DB HS4 of the CTE, a water supply facility for buildings will be composed of:

  • Rush
  • General installation
  • Particular facilities
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